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First Waupaca Chain Sale of 2019 – Miner Lake

Miner Lake – This Waupaca Chain house sells after being on the market for slightly over 2 years.

This is the first property sale on the Chain in 2019. The property was last listed for $744,900.

The sellers purchased the property back in 2011 which was right at about the end of the recession as far was waterfront home sales go.

The property has 60 feet of sand bottom frontage on no wake, Miner Lake. The home was a new home construction project back in about 2007 or 2008 and is a 2 story home with 2,500 sq ft., 6 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths and an unfinished walk about lower level.

Chain Property Sales Strong in 2018 but Down Compared to 2017

Waupaca Chain Property Sales Decrease in 2018

Steve Huhta – Re/Max Lyons Real Estate February 2019

The number of Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes property transactions for 2016 and 2017 were way – way up compared to 2015 and way up from the recession years 2008 to 2011.

In 2018 the number of transactions on the Chain was down compared to 2017 but, this is because the number of homes for sale on the Chain is also – way down.

At the height of the recession there were 54 houses on the Chain for sale. Recently, there has been less than 25 properties for sale on the Chain with 3 of those being vacant land building lots on Limekiln Lake, which have been for sale for a very long time.

Most Realtors would probably agree that, the reason there were so many Chain properties changing hands in 2016 and 2017 was that lots of sales were for properties that had been for sale for a very long time so lots of “old inventor” was sold.

Current inventory on the Chain:

Today there are 23 properties for sale on the Chain, including again, 3 vacant land parcels. Additionally, four of these properties have accepted offers. So, there are 18 “homes” for sale on the Chain with two or three of those having been on the market for a very, very long time.

Obviously, 2018 and now 2019, is a great time to be a Chain property seller as buyers are now struggling to find properties that fit their needs/desires and price range. And, many Chain properties that had been on the market for a long period, finally sold over the past three years.

In 2017 and part of 2018 there were 32 to 36 Chain properties for sale in the winter months with a few more added in the summer months. But again, today – “Chain Inventory is Craze Low”

Today, both Chain buyers and sellers might have the same question: Are prices going up on waterfront properties?

Prior to this year, this was a hard one to answer analytically! But, now yes, prices are moving up for sure:

It is always hard to get good comparisons as the same house may not sell twice in a 3 or 4 year person but …. In mid-2014 a very nice Chain property sold in the lower $800,000 range and then, just sold again in 2016 in the higher $800,000s. At the other end of the value range, a nice year around house on Bass Lake which sold in the mid $200,000 range in 2012 changed owners for in the mid $300,000 range in 2016.

In the middle of the Chain price structure: I bought a buyer for a mid 300,000 Chain home in 2015. In 2017 this same home sold for about $100,000 more than these folks bought it for. And, it sold almost immediately after we listed if for sale.

Clearly, these sales show “analytically:” prices are moving up, which would be logical, given that inventory is crazy low and there are probably buyers out there that have not been able to find what they are looking for.

For a complete list of all Chain properties for sale please click here

For a Report on all Chain properties that have sold – showing the selling price – Click Here

Protection for Hard Wood Floors

Spent over $3,000 refinishing our Chain home’s “antique” hard wood floor so, just installed a bunch of wifi water leak detectors – so, we get a push notification to our smart phones if we have a water leak. Anyone else have leak detectors?

Why Fog Form Over Water in the Fall

Why does a thin layer of fog form over lakes, ponds and rivers in the early morning hours during the fall?

Bodies of water, such as lakes, ponds, and rivers, are much slower to cool down than land areas are. During clear fall nights, the warmth of the land escapes into space. As the air over the land cools, it will drift over the warmer lake. A thin layer of air above the lake is warmed by the lake water. Water evaporates from the lake’s surface into this thin layer. The thin, warm, moist layer of air over the lake then mixes with the cooler air from the land. As it cools, condensation occurs and a fog forms. It looks like steam rising off the water, hence the name “steam fog.” In the spring, the ponds are usually colder than the surrounding land. Just as they are slow to cool, they are also slow to warm. (Barbara McNaught Watson)

Smart Smoke Alarms go Off at Our House

No this is not my house on fire, but it is why we put in Smart Phone and App-Friendly Smoke Detectors recently. But, this is a recent Waupaca House fire. After putting in these “smart” smoke alarms, I received a notification that our WiFi connected Nest home smoke alarms were going off, while I was at the office. The notification was the result of a contractor working at our home and not a real fire but, we live 15 minutes from the fire department so, receiving a notification of smoke at our residence as quickly as possible is the main reason we installed this “smart home” device.

App-Friendly Smoke Detectors

The second installment of our Smart Home Series showcases what I feel is the most important device I’ve researched and installed throughout my home; Nest Protect smoke detectors. There are a few comparable brands of “smart” smoke detectors, but the Nest brand seemed to be the most reliable and thorough for my needs, so I will keep our attention to just this one option. The other brands all work in very similar ways, and if you use Alexa or Apple Home, I suggest considering the First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound smoke detector.

The Nest Protect smoke detector system, which also tests for carbon monoxide, connects to your home’s wi-fi system and will alert your smartphone, wherever you may be, when it detects harmful smoke or gas. The device’s super-sensitive dual photoelectric and ionization sensors can detect heat, humidity, occupancy and light, yet produces significantly less false alarms than an old-fashioned smoke detector (but if it does produce a false alarm, you can quickly silence it from your phone). The Nest Protect system can be either hard-wired or used with an included ten-year battery, and does not need to connect to Wi-Fi to communicate with itself throughout your home, but it does need wi-fi for the app feature on your phone to work.

The first Nest smoke detector that records gas or smoke will sound an alert, and send a signal to the next smoke detector in your home, which will also sound an alarm and signal the next detector in the chain, and so on. Each detector is labeled upon installation with the room it is mounted in, thus the alert will state what room is reading the smoke by its’ name, and will also show on your phone as such. For example, the alarm clearly states “smoke detected in the garage.” The Nest system also has a gentle “Heads up” feature that warns you that smoke has been detected and the alarm will be going off, so you aren’t startled with a sudden shrill alarm. There is an LED light with motion sensor to light your way when you walk underneath it, and it glows different colors to indicate whether the battery is low, the system is testing itself, or to indicate something is wrong, such as a fire.

Each detector also runs a check on itself daily. These smart devices initially cost over $100 each unit, but the peace of mind is worth the extra expense, in my opinion. Not only do we love that our phone will alert us if carbon monoxide is detected in our home while we’re on vacation, but the chain reaction within the home is unbeatable. Just in case I’m not conveniently in the room when a fire starts, I’ll be alerted immediately as if I was.

And already my wife and I had an experience with our Nest smoke detectors that tested this out.

I was recently at the office when I received a push notification on my smartphone indicating my garage smoke detector was going off. After a momentary panic attack, I remembered that we had a plumber doing work in our garage, near one of our Nest wifi smoke detectors. I quickly called my wife who was home at the time. She said, yeah, the plumber was using a torch to work on some pipes which set off the Nest smoke detector in the garage.

I asked if she got it shut off and reset, and she said, “Yes, I just told our Google Home speaker to reset the alarm.” It was fast and easy, and a huge relief for me being miles away to know that everything was fine at home. Installing the “smart” Nest Protect smoke detectors in our home has definitely given both my wife and I an increased sense of safety and security in, and out of, our home.

Cottage Purchase Miner Lake

Technically it is Spring right? Buyers of this year around home/cottage on Miner lake are looking forward to enjoying spring and summer hopefully sooner than later.  This is the third Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes property sale for 2018.

This 2 bedroom 1,032 square foot cottage with a nice 2 car detached garage and nice sandy frontage facing West, didn’t last long.  Listed the beginning of March for $500,000 and shortly there after had an accepted offer. At the time of the sale, the property had a combined tax bill assessment of $405,500.

There were two parcels involved in this transaction.  The lake house with 65 feet of frontage and a vacant buildable one acre lot across the street.

The buyers were represented by Waterfront Property Specialist Steve Huhta, RE/MAX Lyons Real Estate.


Another Chain Sale for 2018

This 3 bedroom 3 bath newly constructed home centrally located, right behind the Wheel House, on the Waupaca Chain’s Columbia Lake has sold.

The property has an interesting history. First listed in 2014 as a cottage, it became a tear down after a fire. It was listed for $375,000 and sold for $355,000 in the same year.

After a new home was construction on this property, which has 74 feet of water frontage, it was listed at 750,000 in late 2017 and sold in the first part of April 2018. The home has 2,084 sq ft of living space with three bedrooms.

The buyers were represented by REMAX Lyons Real Estate.

First Sold – Waupaca Chain For 2018

This spacious 3,096 sq foot home with 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths is the first to sell on the Chain O’Lakes in 2018.

This Chain property was first listed for sale way back in March 2014 at $699,900. At the time of the sale it was listed by REMAX Lyons Real Estate for $499,900.

The assessed value of this one is interesting: In 2016 it was assessed for $646,100 but, in 2017 it was tax bill valued at $576,000.

The large 37,897 sq ft lot with 114 feet of water frontage provides a nice private setting, situated on Dake Lake with sunset views to enjoy all summer long.

Designer Window Treatments from a Local Professional

Shopping “local” is important so when we did an extensive remodel of our waterfront home we had designer extraordinary Lisa Stange from Waupaca’s Stange Furniture come out and help pick the window treatment type and color.

We always hire professional designers to help with remodeling and decorating so everything fits together and matches when the project is completed. Our experience is, “real” professional designers have way more knowledge and expertise, as the result of designer education and experience, than a friend who watched HGTV.

Ya, the table, chair and end tables were purchased from Stange’s too and yes, we had a “professional” advise on that purchase also.